Third party credit card processors allow you to accept credit cards without an Internet merchant account. With most third party credit card processors all you have to do is sign-up and you're ready to accept credit cards on your website.

If you want your business to be a success, you have to accept credit cards. Statistics showed that right after starting to accept credit cards, the sales can increase by as much as 400%. This is the real potential of your business, so, why waste it?

Because this site aims to help "just starting" businesses, I only will discuss about third party credit card processors because they don't require an Internet merchant account, they are cheap and easy to use. And that's their beauty!

When a business grows, purchasing a merchant account has to be considered, but until that time, third party credit card processors are, usually, the optimum solution because they are cheaper as long as the total monthly value of the sales is low (usually under $1000).

One of the best things that you can get from these companies is the ability to run an affiliate program for your own business, because it will help you promote your site. That's why I preferred those third party credit card processors which provide the tools that you need to manage an affiliate program.

The list below includes the companies that I find to be the best. The features, the trustworthiness, the cost and the availability of the service in as many countries as possible were the main criteria I used in coming-up with this list.
I "calculated" the quality of the services by reading what other people, who have used these companies, said about them.

Now let me give you a list with some of the most popular third party credit card processors (the order is not relevant): - one of the most popular third party credit card processors. Very low charges. They used to accepts users from developed countries only, but they've been expanding the list of accepted countries significantly in the last few years. - one of the most popular third party credit card processors in Europe. Low charges, lots of features, easy to use, quite similar to Paypal. If Paypal isn't for you, perhaps is. - This third party credit card processor is Paypal's most powerful competitor. This service is available for US citizens only. - I've read a lot about this third party credit card processor in articles and e-books. They became so well know that almost every website that talks about third party credit card processors lists them as one of the favorites. The best thing about this company's service is the built-in affiliate program. They will not only track and pay your affiliates, but since they already have over 100.000 registered affiliates, you might have quite a few affiliates in a very short period of time. - A complete service for intangible products. It has a built-in referral program. It tracks and pays the affiliates for you. - They provide a cheap credit card acceptance service. - Deals with you only if you're selling intangible products. They allow you to accept credit cards, checks, direct debit, telephone billing and per minute billing. They also provide you with a referral program.

CCNow - A great third party credit card processing service if you are selling tangible products. They do not offer the affiliate system. - Specialized reseller - informational products (including software). Basically it acts like a third party credit card processor. I think they can be great in some situations. Affiliate program included. - They are one of the most respected third party credit card processors. I find their website rather confusing, but I heard their services are quite good. They've been around for quite some time now.

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