The philosophy behind success

Note of the author

Read and apply what this chapter teaches you! Whatever you do, even if you'll not build an online business, apply this ideas in your life. They cannot do you nothing but good!

OK... lets start

1. All it takes to succeed is persistence. All the things that you read or know about don't worth a dime if you don't make them happen. And to make them happen you have to Work and Persist in your work.

A statement that I read somewhere on the web and that remained in my mind ever since, proves just that. It said that 98% of the people who try to make money on the web give up, but 98% of those 2% that don't give up, get rich.

Keep in mind that the only difference between those that achieved great things in their lives and those that didn't, whether is was money, or career, or knowledge or something else, was that they did not give up. They persisted to believe and to work for their dream.

Talent and special abilities don't make great people. Persistence does!

2. You should do what you love; the money will follow.

3. If you want to achieve something, the best moment to start is right now! Not tomorrow, not next week - NOW!

Today is the perfect day to start. Make a first step to get a little closer to your goal, even if it's a very small one. One step made means one step less in your long and sometimes difficult journey.

4. Set a goal! Make it specific. You want to make money? Set a figure: 3,000 or 5,000 or 10,000,000$. Whatever it is, set it. You want to buy a car? Pick the one that you want and earn the money to buy it. Do that for everything, every decision in your life. Make it clear for yourself: what is it that you want?

5. Set a date to achieve your goal. Make those money until when? Set a clear date! IE. 1 may 2004.

6. The next step in making your dream a reality is to develop a plan. Use a monthly, a weekly and a daily plan. It's a known fact that a person that doesn't have a good plan will outrun the one that doesn't have one at all.

More importantly than making the plan is to respect it. The value of a plan can be measured only by the results. What value has a plan that doesn't get to be accomplished? None. So respect your plan to make it valuable. Live your Plan!

7. A not so good truth about us humans, is that we live in the prison of our fears. It's your fear that holds you from being brave. It's your fear that holds you from taking decisions.

It's fear that stops us from changing our lives. Conclusion? Learn to conquer your fear.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be afraid to jump of a cliff without a safety net. Or that I recommend you to do such a thing! Be rational when you take a decision, but don't let the irrational fears hold you back.

8. Don't let people stop you from believing in your dream.

Some people will try to show you that your dream is cannot be accomplished. But most don't even know what they are talking about. Some people have their own fears. And one of them is that you will be, by any chance, successful. They hate when people are successful because they are jealous on their "luck", perseverance, courage.

Many of your so called friends have conflicting interests and your goal makes them feel uncomfortable. Learn to select those that want your success, listen their suggestions and Always decide for yourself.

9. you are happy when you want all those things that you already have, not when you have all the things that you can desire.

This expresses, in my opinion, the thing that almost all of us forget or don't realize. We should be happy with what we have, and only wish for more. We should not totally sacrifice today's happiness for tomorrow's. Live the moment!

An interesting fact is that I, though I know how I could be happy, often don't act accordingly. I easily get caught in the small bad things of my everyday life, and forget that all those things that I do, should, in the final instance, make me happy!

So don't forget to live your life! I'm sure it happens to you too: you get too busy to permit yourself to be happy! So you must fight with yourself! You only life once! Make your life count for yourself too.

Your ultimate goal is to be happy, isn't it? Act and be happy! Don't wait for tomorrow to be happy. Be happy now, while reading this page! What's the benefit of being unhappy? Do you know one? Send me an e-mail - I'd like to know it!   :o)

10. We are humans because we have the ability to really feel! Please, be human! Feel!

11. We are humans because we know how to restrain ourselves! Don't let the bad feelings possess your body or your soul!

12. Are you happy now? No? Why? Is there a thing that could improve your state? Do it now! You might not be around to do it later!

13. Do everyday something that will make you feel good about yourself! It will make you see the world differently. Make something strange everyday! It will make you feel special.

14. Time is short. We are allowed to live only a fixed amount of it. This makes time the most valuable gift that you could possibly give. It's a strange thing, but people don't realize this. They take time for granted. For them - and for you - time usually has no value. Well, it has!

For instance, the average human life is about 70 years. That means that most people live about 26,000 days. Calculate how many days you already lived. See how many remain. When a day passes, update the number. In a short time, you will realize how time flies and you'll treat each day with the importance that it really has. And one day, you will hate me for making you lose time by counting each day how much of your life is gone because you'll realize that you were wasting time by doing it. :o)

15. Friends give and love! This is how you can tell if someone is your friend or if you are someone's friend. Remember that time itself is the most precious gift you could give/receive to/from a friend.

16. Motivate yourself! We, humans, need a motivation to make every single move that we make. Also, motivation is the first step to persistence. This makes it very important! In order to achieve something, the first step is to want it. After that you have to be motivated long and strong enough to be able to follow the long road to your goal.

A good news is, and I can say that from my own experience, that motivation can be also, the single thing that you need to be happy. When you'll motivate yourself enough to be happy, you'll be happy! Think of all the times when you were happy. The common thing in all those moments was, and I'm sure of that, that you actually wanted to be happy. You can do that now too! Why choose sadness when you can simply wish to be happy and be happy?

17. Equilibrium is the best thing in a human's life. To have a complete life, one must taste all the flavors that it has to offer. And in the right amounts too. Combine family, friends, money, hobbies, sport and all other aspects of life, to come up with your own perfect mixture. The mixture of happiness! Read books that teach and motivate you to be a better man/woman. But don't read too many of them. That's wasted time! Really! It is wasted time!

18. Take yourself seriously when you have to, but don't over do it. Laugh! Make fun of yourself from time to time. You will have a better image about yourself and you'll live a more beautiful and longer life.

The Happiness is inside You!


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