A simple, short, basic e-business plan (a short list of targets actually)

a. If you want to sell a product:

1. Get the product
2. Design a website that sells (write a great salesletter)
3. Register a domain
4. Find a host for your site
5. If you sell many products, setup a shoping cart
6. Accept credit cards and checks
7. Promote your store

b. If you want to be an affiliate:

1. Design a site with a lot of valuable content
2. Find a good web site host
3. Find content-related affiliate programs to use
4. Register a domain name to add credibility
5. Promote your site

All those steps are presented in detail in the articles listed on the right side of this page.

If you want to develop a detailed (and professional business plan) please visit the Yahoo's small business section or Bplans.com. They're great resources!

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1. A basic business plan
2. Finding website hosts
3. Accepting credit cards
4. Forming an LLC
4. Keyword identification
5. Finding a search engine optimization firm
6. Developing a product
7. How to create an online store
8. E-commerce and sales letter guidelines
9. Using affiliate programs
10. A bonus business idea
11. Why use WYSIWYG HTML editors
12. Web page design tips
13. How to choose a good domain name
14. Web hosting businesses
15. Starting with a hosting reseller program
16. How to advertise your website
17. The philosophy that leads to success
18. Resources
19. Glossary


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