Hiring a search engine optimization firm to take care that your website has high ranking in the search engines can be a good idea if you have the money for it because this can let focus on your business and customers.

Money are not everything though. Search engine optimization firm A is not like search engine optimization firm B. And it's very important that the search engine optimization firm that you choose doesn't use what are commonly called "search engine spam techniques".

Basically a good search engine optimization firm will modify the content on your web pages focusing on repeating certain keywords but while using them in phrases and taking care that they sound OK when read by real people. It's very important that they choose the right keywords both from a popularity point of view and from a targeting point of view because people coming to your website from the search engines will look for the things described by these keywords (keyphrases).

Also, it's very important that the chosen search engine optimization firm has hired not only search engine optimization experts but copywriters too. Ideally the search engine optimization experts would be very good or even excellent copywriters. That, combined with correctly identified keywords, will transform each page in a terrific sales letter which will convert a high percentage of the visitors into customers.

Another thing that a good search engine optimization firm will do is to increase your website's link popularity. They will do that by asking theme related websites to link to your website or to exchange links with your website.

There are other "secret" techniques used by a search engine optimization firm, but these are the basic things that a good search engine optimization firm will do for your website.

There are things that a "bad" search engine optimization firm will do and you have to keep away from search engine firms that do these kind of things:

- create doorway pages to funnel traffic to the real web pages
- use cloaking to trick the search engines
- repeat keywords out of phrases (usually at the bottom of the pages) and even make them invisible to the human reader by using background's color
- register domains "designed to deliver traffic to your website"
- guarantee ranking; no one can guarantee something when it comes to search engines etc.

Also, a search engine optimization firm that only plans to trick you, can tell you that PPC (pay per click) is more or less the same thing as SEO (Search engine optimization). This couldn't be farther from the truth so take care. PPC listings often appear above or near regular search engine results, but they are not the same thing.

Also read carefully every word of the contract that you sign with the search engine optimization firm. Many people have been tricked into signing for terms that were let's say... less than fair.

There are many other things that separate a good search engine optimization firm from a bad search engine optimization firm. I will not get into all of them. I will refer you instead to some pages and websites that you will definitely find helpful in finding a good search engine optimization firm:

Google Information for Webmasters - Search Engine Optimizers

Google Information for Webmasters - Google Facts & Fiction

Submit Express Newsletter #33

Buyers' Guide to Search Engine Optimization Firms

I also recommend you to visit, read threads and ask questions at these forums:





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