An interesting web business idea

There is a third method to make money online, but it takes a lot of time of development, patience and money before it actually starts to be profitable. The method essentially consists in setting-up a site that will receive many thousands of visitors every month because it provides a very valuable service for free. This will give you the opportunity to sell advertising space on your site, sell the business for a profit, or whatever.

To give you a first example, I will tell you about a site that did just that:

What the men (two men developed it initially) behind the site did was to setup a new search engine with an innovative system that ranks sites using a formula that takes into acount the number of links that lead to each site. A method that made wonders in deciding which site was more popular and important than another, and thus led to much better results when a search was made by a surfer.

The traffic and popularity of the search engine grew very fast, and now they get their money from selling advertising space on their site.

Another example is They gave free e-mail accounts for everyone that applied for one. And soon they came to have tens of millions of e-mail accounts on their servers. That meant a similar number of visitors to their site each day, as people come over regularly to check their e-mail. And one day, Microsoft - I'm sure you heard about this company - bought the site. And you bet it wasn't cheap! (I read that it cost them $400 mil.)

How about! They gave something for free too! A browser! And their browser soon became a very popular browser. About 30 million people downloaded this browser when they decided to go public. Everyone jumped and bought. And I heard they got $600 mil. They got rich by giving something for free!

As I said in the beginning, in this kind of business, the hard part is to survive until your business becomes profitable. for instance, had no advertisements on it's pages until it grew to be the number one search engine. Can you keep your breath that much? If you feel that you can, I wish you good luck!

If you feel that you are cut up for this kind of job, go ahead and make it happen. As you can see, some did and they were successful.

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